Energy & Renewables

Growing concerns over excess consumption, production bottle necks, sustainable and environmental issues are leading energy companies to upgrade power plant efficiency and move to renewable energy-based technologies. To solve these challenges problems, an innovative engineering approach is required.

Product and process workflow verified by engineering simulation is helping modern day engineers to design and validate new products and processes virtually and swiftly, therefore, time to market can be shortened, costs associated with development & experiment can be minimized and the most complex physics challenges can be addressed and solved to deliver true innovation.

Optimaxx provides CFD/FEA simulation with experience and expertise to help design and optimize energy & renewables systems and equipment. Our services cover a broad range of applications involving steam/coal power plant, gas turbine power plant, nuclear power plant, water turbine, wind turbine, and solar power plant, etc.


Wind Turbine Simulation


Gravitational Water Vortex Simulation


Wind Farm Simulation


Hydropower Simulation