About Optimaxx

PT Optimaxx Prima Teknik

PT Optimaxx Prima Teknik (OPT) is a new breed of technology company specialized in delivering high-tech engineering and energy solutions in Indonesia. Along with our partners as Ansys official distributors in Indonesia, we have a slew of simulation and optimisation tools from 3D Design, Structure, CFD, Electromagnetics, Optics, Systems and Digital Twin to launch you into the future world today. Leveraging on Ansys’ cutting-edge technologies that continuously improve and innovate such as 5G, autonomous driving and electrification, your imagination knows no bounds and we will work with you and make it happen for you.

Our products and services were developed to cater for business needs plagued with engineering problems and bottlenecks. Our IOT division understands your valuable assets must operate and perform under certain conditions and therefore places tremendous effort and thought process into extracting data and intelligence, processing the data using machine condition analytics so we are able to predict how and when your machines need attention or maintenance. We also have BBP Singapore as our partner to enrol your property/assets into our unique and radical Energy Efficiency & Optimisation program to achieve up to 40% energy efficiency improvement with ZERO capex to you.

How can we sustain our environment if the fossil fuels we use keep pumping Green House Gases into the atmosphere and making the impacts of Climate Change more and more devastating. Our Renewable Energy initiatives try to respond by offering solutions that are not only economically viable for local applications but also potentially practical for wider community acceptance. Solar roof top, biomass, biogas and wind energy are several types of renewable projects we are working on. The mission we carry is let’s give our mother Earth a chance by doing our part. If not for ourselves, it’s the future of our children that we need to do this for.