The biggest challenge faced by automotive engineers today is to devise technological advances that maximize engine efficiency, minimize pollutant emissions, and improve reliability and safety. Presently, automotive engineers are looking to replace traditional internal combustion engines with fuel cells, electric/hybrid systems and batteries. With IOT, 5G, AI and smart electronics and controls, the automotive industry is turning a new leaf to embrace the autonomous control and connected systems. The use of composite materials and light-weight design improves fuel consumption efficiency. Optimizing vehicles’ complex aerodynamics can improve fuel economy further, all done with safety and comfort in mind.
The worldwide automotive industry views innovation and advanced technological adoption as a critical competency to solve these challenges. CFD simulation, additive manufacturing, composite material design, electromagnetics analyses for controls, antenna, sensors etc. can help engineers to design and validate products fast and reliably in virtual environment. Their ideas can be easily simulated without costly prototyping and undergoing time-consuming physical experiment.
Optimaxx offers resources, expertise and innovative approach to solve a broad range of complex automotive industry challenges. We help our clients achieve cost savings by analyzing and optimizing automotive systems to gain significant edge on the competition.

Aerodynamic Study of Vehicle Body


Efficient Internal Combution Engine Design


Vehicle Structural Analysis


Crash Simulation


Innovative Antenna Design


Battery Thermal Simulation