Energy Efficiency & Optimization

We deliver green solutions to reduce carbon footprints and help customers achieve energy efficiency goals.


Partnering with Barghest Building Performance (“BBP”) in Singapore, we are proud to provide energy savings solutions for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems in commercial and industrial buildings. This Energy Efficiency Optimization program uses sensors, equipment controls, instrumentation as well as state of the art AI-assisted algorithm coupled with customized engineering know-how to optimise your chiller plant operation and save you electricity consumption up to 40%.


We provide a customized hardware/software holistic energy efficiency program to continuously optimize HVAC equipment energy usage with:
• Zero Capex
• On going fees paid from actual savings
• Verified actual energy savings by independent third party
• Up to 40% energy savings


• Industrial (Manufacturing for food, beverage, milk, pharmaceutical and especially semiconductor plants)
• Data Centres
• Commercial Buildings such as malls, hotels and office buildings
• Central Chiller Plants for HVAC systems and processed cooling
• Greenfield or Brownfield preferred regions in Asia Pacific
• Size: Annual energy spend in excess of $1 million (can be multi-sites)

Start Your Journey with Us!

Step-1: identify energy saving opportunities and qualify property of interest

Step-2: deploy bbp’s patented technology

Step-3: improve & optimise continuously


Energy Efficiency for actual savings

Up to 40% energy savings with verified actual savings

Peace of mind protection

Performance based monitoring & fault detection for downtime avoidance

Advanced analytics

Advanced data analytics for predictive maintenance and equipment life cycle extension


Reduce carbon footprint and increase energy efficiency for environmental benefits
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