Ansys Design

Design is one of the early stages in making a product. With Ansys, you can not only do conventional CAD designs. You can design products and perform simulations simultaneously on the same platform. You can design more quickly, effectively and efficiently.

Ansys SpaceClaim

Geometry for production is different from geometry for simulation. Ansys spaceclaim is a platform specifically used for geometry cleanup so that your design is ready to be simulated. You can easily clean your geometry from fillets, holes, missing faces, dirty shapes, etc. Ansys spaceclaim is also the right tool for those of you who are concerned about reverse engineering.

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Ansys Discovery

By using ansys discovery, you can easily design and simulate simultaneously. Ansys Discovery simulation capabilities include CFD, FEA, Modal, Shape optimization, etc. In addition, you can perform simulations without a meshing process, and run in real-time so that your design process becomes more efficient.

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