Move forward confidently ahead of competition. Develop and optimize your product using the best simulation software. Let your ideas run freely and see them virtually realized to discover ocean of insight.

The marine and offshore industry is well-established and yet consistently challenged to adapt to many changing conditions. In the face of current intense global pressures, many companies turn to technological innovation to stay ahead. To remain competitive, companies must improve quality, minimize production costs and increase efficiency in the shortest possible time.

Simulation enables marine and offshore companies to shorten their engineering development cycles by exploring and validating designs, troubleshooting them using virtual prototypes. Identifying potential problems with virtual prototypes not only saves time, it also reduces development costs and improves quality, safety and reliability. In addition, simulation can better guide modifications and steer the solution toward an optimal design.

Optimaxx offers specialized and customed capabilities that utilize CFD and Mechanical tools to help design and optimize marine and offshore equipment and sub-systems. This enables our clients to achieve a lower capex during design phase. Our services cover a wide range of applications involving simulation and analysis of hulls, propellers, offshore structures and platforms, subsea pipelines, seawater intakes, submersible pumps and underwater systems, drilling tools such as pipe strings and downhole drilling devices, storage & processing, etc.

  • Asses hydrodynamic performance of ships and platforms.
  • Track motion and evaluate structural integrity of ships and floating structures.
  • Mooring analysis to predict tension force and structural strength.
  • Stress and vibration analyses of offshore vessels and hull structures.
  • Flow simulation around seawater intakes and subsea pipeline coupled fluid and structural analysis (FSI).
  • Multiphysics simulation of heat exchangers in petrochemical refineries.
  • Simulation and prediction of erosion rates in subsea piping and fittings.

Project Examples:

Thermal Comfort Analysis of Lecture Room

CFD Analysis of Car Park Ventilation System with Jet Fans

External Flow Analysis Around Buildings to Predict Pedestrian Comfort

CFD Simulation of Filters and Perforated Plates to Calculate Pressure Loss and Velocity Distribution.

CFD Simulation of Thermal Collector in a Solar Air Conditioner

CFD Simulation of Air Flow Circulation in a Data Center