Fresh cool air in your office, comfort cooking in your car and chilled comfy sleep in summer, those are only a glimpse of what CFD simulations can do in our environments.

Complex building designs, stringent safety requirements, tightening energy use, green technologies and sustainability measures have become the many critical challenges facing the HVAC & Built Environment sector today. Comfort, safety and energy efficiency are non-negotiable, more for necessity than luxury. Whatever the type of structure be it office, hotel, school, parking garage, mall, stadium, tunnel or concert hall, it has to meet the energy, comfort, social and environmental standards.

Engineering simulations with CFD software provides an efficient and accurate method to design, analyze, and optimize buildings and HVAC designs, especially in the early stages when changes can be made easily and cost-effectively. It can reduce costs for physical testing by way of virtual mock-up tests. Using these tools, architects and engineers can explore, review and make decisions on building HVAC designs, air flow, thermal comfort, materials for HVAC components and systems effectively.

Optimaxx provides CFD consulting with expertise to help design and optimize HVAC systems and components. This service covers a broad range of applications involving parts, components and whole system analyses in a scaled model or actual-sized set up.

  • Thermal and air flow analyses for comfort, efficiency and ventilation ratings.
  • Fire, smoke, and pollutant tracking for safety and building code compliance.
  • Heating and Cooling of data centers, clean environments and critical facilities.
  • External flow (wind) analysis around buildings or regions for wind studies and pedestrian comfort.
  • Part-by-part, components and systems flow simulation involving fans, blowers, pumps, heat exchangers, filters, and ducts, etc.
  • Trouble shooting of critical performance issues for HVAC devise and equipment.
  • Environmental and performance ratings for buildings, structures or spaces to meet Green Building criteria, Building Codes, etc.

Project Examples:

Thermal Comfort Analysis of Lecture Room

CFD Analysis of Car Park Ventilation System with Jet Fans

External Flow Analysis Around Buildings to Predict Pedestrian Comfort

CFD Simulation of Filters and Perforated Plates to Calculate Pressure Loss and Velocity Distribution.

CFD Simulation of Thermal Collector in a Solar Air Conditioner

CFD Simulation of Air Flow Circulation in a Data Center