The challenge of the 21st century is not only about the capability to produce something, but also efficiency, optimization and green innovation. Ask us how to explore, simulate your ideas and achieve your goals.

The high cost of raw materials, over capacity, and stringent regulatory requirements are challenges facing the chemical industry today. To tackle them, many opt to develop high-value products, improve efficiency, and optimize processes, often with the associated high costs. CAE simulations can help engineers experiment virtually to prioritize safety, reduce design time and costs.

CAE tools are increasingly becoming mainstream for analysis and design in the chemical industry. Stirring, mixing, piping & pumping, process chain steps such as combustion, heat transfer, chemical reaction, and separation of materials etc can be simulated, analyzed and optimized reliably.

Optimaxx provides specialised analysis capabilities that utilise CFD tools coupled with structural software to help design and optimize chemical processing equipment by simulating the processes and their physics accurately. This helps our clients to achieve a lower cost expenditure without the common time penalty during the design phase. This rapid simulation driven design process enables speedy product development cycle reducing the whole product life-cycle turn around. This service covers a wide range of applications involving chemical reactors, storage tanks, pumps, heat exchangers, cooling towers, drilling towers, piping systems, and rotating equipment.

  • Flow analysis in pump sump to improve pump efficiency and reduce vibration.
  • Stress analysis of pressure vessels and piping systems to predict erosion and crack propagation.
  • Examination and optimization of stirred tanks’ strength and durability.
  • Optimize and predict performance of particle separators such as cyclones, scrubbers, and gravitational separators.
  • Catalyst utilization improvement.
  • Analyzing and control formation of pollutants in combustion process.

Project Examples:

Investigation of Vortices in a Pump Sump to Prevent Cavitation And Vibration.

Stress Analysis of Pressure Vessel for Crack Propagation Evaluation

Thermal Analysis of Heat Exchanger to Predict Pressure Loss and Effectiveness

Prediction of Wall Erosion in a Cyclone Separator

Simulation of Mixing Process to Predict Mixing Time and Homogeneity.

Combustion Simulation in a Gas Turbine to Reduce NOx Pollutant Formation

Simulation of a Fluidized Bed Reactor to Investigate Flow Characteristics