Ansys SpaceClaim

SpaceClaim Overview

User-friendly multipurpose 3D modeling for concept modeling, design, sheet metal design & manufacturing, reverse engineering, 3D printing and simulation preparation. Create, edit, or repair geometry fast, easy, flexible, and rewarding.

Quickly Repair Dirty Geometry in a few Minutes

Create, edit, repair and prepare geometry for simulation

Compatible with a wide variety of CAD files (IGS, STP, IPT, SLDPRT, etc.)

SpaceClaim Capabilities

Model Prep for Simulation

Simplify your geometry in minutes. Cleaning up for simulation will be much easier with the magic tools in Ansys SpaceClaim.

Reverse Engineering

Use intuitive and practical features to make your 3D scans smoother and convert them into CAD files.

CAD Modeling

Ansys Spaceclaim is the right tool for making parts and assemblies in an intuitive and fast way. With the direct modeling feature, geometry explorations can be done much easier.

Sheet Metal Design

SpaceClaim gives engineers the flexibility to work with any CAD data to create, edit and prepare models for high-precision sheet metal fabrication.

3D Printing

Make any 3D file print-ready. Analyze, repair, and optimize  geometry quickly using Ansys SpaceClaim.