Ansys Rocky

Particle Dynamics Simulation Software

Ansys Rocky stands out as the preeminent software utilizing the discrete element method (DEM), specializing in the simulation of granular and fragmented materials' dynamics.

Quickly and Accurately Simulate Particle Flows

Ansys Rocky is engineered to address diverse engineering challenges. It offers unique capabilities to model real particle shapes, encompassing various solids, 2D shells, and both rigid and flexible fibers. The simulations deliver rapid and precise results. Leveraging multi-graphics processing unit (GPU) solver technology, Ansys Rocky enables simulation of particle behavior across a range of shapes and sizes in numerous industrial applications.

  • Multi-GPU solver.
  • Scalable, efficient, large particle counts.
  • Realistic particle shapes including fibers.
  • Wear modeling, particle breakage, cohesion.

What are the benefits of Ansys Rocky?

How-to Videos

Discover our Ansys Rocky video series, offering concise overviews to acquaint you with the fundamental features and capabilities of this sophisticated engineering simulation software, designed specifically for addressing diverse particle modeling challenges.