Ansys CFX

Turbomachinery CFD Software

Ansys CFX the industry leading CFD software for turbomachinery applications. Shorten development time with streamlined workflows, advanced physics modeling capabilities and accurate results.

State-of-the-art Technologies for Turbomachinery

Renowned for its exceptional reliability, CFX stands as the epitome of CFD software excellence, particularly in the realm of turbomachinery applications. Featuring cutting-edge solvers and models, it boasts a modern, user-friendly interface with remarkable flexibility and customization options. Its advanced capabilities enable seamless automation through session files, scripting, and a robust expression language.

  • Streamlined turbo setup and post.
  • Rotor-stator interaction models.
  • Transient blade row methods.
  • Highly scalable HPC.

What are the benefits of Ansys CFX?

How-to Videos

Discover our Ansys CFX video series, offering brief introductions to acquaint you with the fundamental features and functionalities of this sophisticated computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software.