Rapid Design Exploration

Created for engineering design workflows, intuitive product design software. Swift design exploration provides in-depth understanding of real-world product behavior.

R1 2024

What’s New

Ansys Discovery 2024 R1 includes breakthrough new features that help our customers innovate and explore new product concepts faster and more accurately than ever before. Engineers and designers no longer need to sacrifice accuracy for speed.

3D Design Products

Ansys SpaceClaim

Geometry for production is different from geometry for simulation. Ansys spaceclaim is a platform specifically used for geometry cleanup so that your design is ready to be simulated.

  • De-feature CAD Models, extract fluid domains or simplify models for simulation.
  • STL prep for 3D Printing.
  • Leverage scan data to reverse-engineer new parts.
  • Create sheet metal parts, jigs and fixtures for manucfacturing.
  • Quickly create geometry from scratch.
  • Works with any CAD file.

Ansys Discovery

By using Ansys Discovery, you can easily design and simulate simultaneously. Ansys Discovery simulation capabilities include CFD, FEA, Modal, shape optimization, etc.

  • Featured Live physics simulation.
  • Delivers fast high-fidelity.
  • Explore multiphysics and multiple physics scenarios.
  • De-feature CAD models, extract fluid domains or simplify models for simulation.
  • Topology optimization speeds workflow.
  • Works with any CAD file.