PT Optimaxx Prima Teknik

PT Optimaxx Prima Teknik (OPT) is a new breed of technology company specialized in delivering high-tech engineering and energy solutions in Indonesia. As ANSYS’s official distributor in Indonesia, we have a slew of simulation and optimisation tools from 3D Design, Structure, CFD, Electromagnetic, Optics, Systems to IOT, Digital Twin etc to launch you into the future today. Leveraging on ANSYS technologies for continuous breakthroughs into the future such as 5G, autonomous engineering and electrification, we challenge your imagination and make it our mission to realize it for you.

Our Renewable Energy initiatives and projects are unique mostly designed and developed with dedication to the community in mind. Our energy mission is to give a chance to the environment by doing for it rather than just speaking about it. Let’s align our ideas and thoughts now for the good of our future generation tomorrow.